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The Pokémon Peninsula - Pokémon Centers

The Pokémon Peninsula > Pokémon Centers

There are five Pokémon Centers in the world, four in Japan and one in New York (that turned into a Nintendo store with a Pokémon section). You can buy stuff from them online too. They're quite literally stores that are full of Pokémon (ie. my dream location XD). The logo for each Center is different; they all have Pikachu, but they have two other Pokémon which are different for each store. I'll have address details up here when I find someone who can read this stuff to input - it has no furigana and I don't read kanji. (I'm reading info straight off the back of the Japanese spring catalogue, so don't blame me if I get it wrong, I barely know any Japanese - my vocabulary basically consists of three ways to say "you are an idiot" XD.)

Japan (http://www.pokemoncenter-online.com/)

Tokyo (pictures): The first Pokémon Center. Open 10am-7pm; phone 03-5200-0707. Mascot Pokémon: Poliwhirl and Charmander.

Osaka: Open 10am-7pm; phone 06-6373-8080. Mascot Pokémon: Squirtle and Meowth.

Nagoya: Open 10am-9pm; phone 052-950-0758. Mascot Pokémon: Mudkip and Chikorita.

Fukuoka: Open 10am-9pm; phone 092-282-7733. Mascot Pokémon: Torchic and Totodile.

Want to see exclusive TPP scans of the 2004 Spring Japanese Pokémon Center catalogue/news? Front cover | page 1 | page 2 | page 3 | page 4 | page 5 | back cover

USA (http://www.pokemoncenter.com/)

New York: The store is no longer a dedicated Pokémon Center; due to falling sales, it became a Nintendo store, but there's still a Pokémon section. Details soon!

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