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The Pokémon Peninsula - FAQs

The Pokémon Peninsula > Frequently Asked Questions
Who is the girl on your banner from Version 2 of TPP?
o_O I get asked this all the time. She's Ambertwo, the girl from the part of Pokémon: The First Movie that was dubbed and cut. Uh... I can probably put the clip up on TPP sometime when I find webspace.
Why do you keep making more layouts for TPP?
Uh... I like making pretty layouts. XD
OK, but why Castform?
It's so cute! *does the Castform dance which she made up on the spot*
You spelt "color" and "coloring" wrong.
Firstly, that isn't a question XD. And no, it's you Americans who have it wrong XD. The real original spelling, still used in places like Australia and the UK, is colour. Like favourite and neighbour.
Where do you get your info?
I've been watching and playing Pokémon for years. You kind of learn stuff there XD. Also, I read news on websites and in magazines, and I get Ishik to check out the latest stuff from Japan XD.
Why do I get the wrong information on a page sometimes? Like, I click on a page and it goes to a page of info about something else.
This site is still in development, and I'm using placeholders for some pages while I develop the content. If you get a page like that, that's why. This should happen very rarely. I think I've ironed out all of these, but if you find one please email me. It's probably a wrong link.
Something looks like it should be a link, but it's not. Why?
Those are pages that I haven't made yet. I will do those as soon as I can. Same thing with the links on the sidebar that are crossed out.
What do you use to make your site?
I use Microsoft Frontpage 2000 and Macromedia Dreamweaver MX, as well as a bit of HTML. Mostly I don't have time for hand coding, though, so I tend to stick with WYSIWYG. Layouts done in Fireworks and tweaked (for hours o_O) in Dreamweaver, Frontpage is crap for layouts.
Where do you get ideas?
I've been surfing (the Internet - not the waves! I prefer skateboarding) for ages, and you pick up ideas when you surf. Also, a lot of ideas on TPP are from my Digimon site, Patamon's World XD. It's not counted as copyright infringement since I thought them up anyway XD.
Where do you get all your images?
It depends. Some of them I get from Google Image Search, some of them are from request from other webmasters. People send me a lot of images, and then there's TPP official screenshot takers, of course! If you mean layout images. I make them using other images (like screenshots).
How do you make your buttons and banners?
I use several different programs. I use the icons some sites offer for download for little pictures, and I grab bits out of screenshots. My current arsenal of programs for image editing and tweaking includes:

I generally favour Elements, Fireworks or PhotoImpact, but I use all the others sometimes as well.

Can you make me a button/banner?
Sure, why not? But you have to link back to PW or TPP, depending on what kind of site yours is.
Why do I have to link to http://www.pokepeninsula.tk/?
Because if I don't get enough hits, the domain gets cancelled. (It's happened once already with PW's and I don't want it to happen again.) It's to do with the free-ness of the domain. However, you could link to http://pokemon.ryux.net/ if you want, there are no ads that way x_x.
How did you get rid of the Dot.TK popup?
Log into your Dot.TK account, click on Dot.TK Linker Promo in the left nav and you can turn it off there. It's not like you're likely to win a Dot.TK t-shirt anyway, and even if you did why would you want it?
Can I use your content/layout?
See the Legal Stuff page for info on using content. Using my layout? No way! This is my layout, it took me ages to design it (well, maybe not ages; but it did take about 5 hours to switch it all over to PHP, and the layout did take several hours to design and implement) and it's COPYRIGHT. But if you need layout, HTML, CSS etc. help, just ask me. I won't bite. (Probably not, anyway.)
How much time do you spend on TPP?
Well, I spend as much time as I can (it's my way of relaxing) but I really don't have that much time. I spread my time around several websites, too. On a school day I might get 20-30 minutes, on a good weekend day I can fit in 2 or 3 hours. So all up, I spend about 7 hours a week in term time, maybe 10 to 12 during holidays on all my sites, and maybe a third of that would go on TPP.
Is TPP going to go multi-Anime like, for example, the Anime Edition and LELOLA?
No. That's for certain. I find that most multi-Anime sites are too superficial. With a site that focuses on just one show or topic, you can really go into the subject, but with a multi-Anime site you have a bit of everything and not enough of anything. I have a Beyblade site and a Digimon site, but they're not going to merge although they share forums and topsites.
Do you know Japanese?
I have a very limited vocabulary, and practically no grasp of grammar, but I'm learning. Kind of. When I have time. (I bought a program that teaches you Japanese.) I can say Anata wa baka (tee hee).
Then how come you can make Jap-language link buttons?
Um... let's just say... Katakana is not that hard to learn...??? XD I have a dictionary. And access to Square Phoenix (the staff member not the company).
Why do you have so many link buttons?
It's a mental thing. I make them to relax. Or something like that. But my sites have enough now (TOO MANY!), so if you want some email me. (Generally, if someone asks me for one I'll end up making them 3... or 6...)

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