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The Pokémon Peninsula - Pokémon Dictionary

The Pokémon Peninsula > Pokémon Dictionary

Always wondered what that Pokémon term meant? Here's a dictionary/glossary for you XD. It's not finished yet, but I'll add more terms when I think of them XD.


No entries
Badges - Badges are won from Gym Leaders. They power up your Pokémon and let them use certain attacks outside of battle. More information will be in the games section shortly.
Balls - These are tennis-ball sized, but shrink to the size of a marble. They are used to catch, store and carry Pokémon. There are several types of balls: Pokéballs, which catch Pokémon; Great Balls, which are better than Pokéballs; Ultra Balls, which have a high success rate; and Master Balls, which never miss. In Pokémon Red/Blue/Yellow, there are Safari Balls, used only in the Safari Zone. In Gold/Silver/Crystal, there are Park Balls, used in the National Park. In Gold/Silver/Crystal onwards, there are also Apricorn Balls: Fast Balls (White Apricorn), used to catch Pokémon that run away; Lure Balls (Blue Apricorn), used to catch Water Pokémon; Heavy Balls (Black Apricorn), used to catch heavy Pokémon; Level Balls (Red Apricorn), used to catch Pokémon that are a lower level than the Pokémon you are using; Moon Balls (Yellow Apricorn), used to catch Pokémon that evolve with the Moon Stone; Love Balls (Pink Apricorn), used to catch Pokémon of the opposite sex to the Pokémon you are using; and Friend Balls (Green Apricorn) which try to make the other Pokémon friendly. Info on Ru/Sa Balls soon.
Battle - When a Pokémon uses attacks in an attempt to defeat another. These can be between wild Pokémon and/or Trainers' Pokémon. In order to catch a wild Pokémon, a Trainer must battle and weaken it. Battles occur for Pokémon to grow stronger, and sometimes to win Badges or competitions.
Contest - Pokémon compete in Contests to win Ribbons. In Contests, Pokémon use attacks as displays instead of using them against each other. Each attack has a different attribute, and there are different Contests for each attribute: Cute, Smart, Cool, Beauty and Tough. There are also different levels of Contests.
Coordinator - A trainer that trains Pokémon for Contests instead of battling.
No entries
Element - See Type.
No entries
Generation - There were originally 151 Pokémon; later, two more batches of 100 and 135 Pokémon were released. These are referred to as Pokémon Generations by fans. The current generation is the fourth, from which only a few Pokémon have been revealed as yet.
Gym - A place in which Pokémon battles are fought, in which there is a Gym Leader who lives in the Gym and battles challengers. There may be any number of other trainers in the Gym as well. There are two types of Gym - official and unofficial. Official Gyms award Badges to winning trainers and these Badges count towards entry in Pokémon League. Unofficial Gyms may or may not award Badges. Battles fought in unofficial Gyms do not count towards Pokémon League.
Hoenn - One of the regions in the Pokémon world. Added in the Ruby and Sapphire Versions of the Pokémon GameBoy RPGs.
No entries
Johto - One of the regions in the Pokémon world. Added in the Gold and Silver Versions of the Pokémon GameBoy RPGs.
Kanto - One of the regions in the Pokémon world. The original region.
No entries
Master - A Pokémon trainer who has caught all known Pokémon and won a Pokémon League; there are only a few of these in the world.
No entries
No entries
PokéBlock - A type of Pokémon food made from Berries, which improves a Pokémon's Contest condition. The colour and flavour depends on which Berries were used to make the PokéBlock. This also determines which Contest attribute(s) is improved.
Pokédex - A handheld computer providing data on all Pokémon seen and caught.
PokéGear - A communication device allowing a trainer on the move to make phone calls. Also acts as a clock/calendar. Can be upgraded with cards to show a map of the region and play radio. Image
Pokémaniac - A person who loves or is obsessed with Pokémon.
Pokémon - See page What is Pokémon?
Pokémon Center - A Pokémon hospital/medical centre, where Pokémon can rest and heal after battles. Pokémon Centers also provide accommodation and food to travelling trainers. Every Pokémon Center is run by a Nurse Joy; all of these Joys are related and look alike.
Pokémon League - A communications and navigation device much like the PokéGear. Also provides information on trainers fought and the Contest condition/status of Pokémon.
Pokémon Navigator - Also known as PokéNav or Poké-Navi. A communications and navigation device much like the PokéGear. Also provides information on trainers fought and the Contest condition/status of Pokémon.
PokéNav - See Pokémon Navigator.
No entries
Ribbon - The prize won in a Contest. Its colour depends on the type of contest entered and the style depends on the level of contest.
No entries
Trainer - A person who owns Pokémon and trains them for battle. Trainers generally start on their tenth birthday, when they can choose from one of three Pokémon.
Type - Also called Element. Each Pokémon has the attribute of one or two of seventeen types. These dictate elemental strengths and weaknesses. The different types are Normal, Fighting, Flying, Electric, Grass, Fire, Water, Psychic, Ghost, Bug, Rock, Ground, Dark, Steel, Ice, Dragon and Poison.
Unowndex - A special type of Pokédex that records data on different shapes of Unown caught. Displays a certain word for each of the 26 Unown.
No entries
No entries
No entries
No entries
No entries

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