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The Pokémon Peninsula - News and Updates

The Pokémon Peninsula > News and Updates

Welcome to the Pokémon Peninsula! Yes, we're back after about 2 years of downtime, better than ever and completely future-proof! XD (In those days I was called Pikachu11.) XD ~Jedi_Amara

Total update
Uh, yeah, like, so I totally updated the whatsits. 4th generation page. With info on this scary Manafi thing. @____@ And I removed a bunch of affys because they totally seemed to have gone bye-bye, or dropped the whole affiliation thing. *o_os at Greg*

*totally goes off to work on the total movies sections since she now totally has almost all of them*

Greg, I think you totally infected me with your totallyness. o_o
Posted by Jedi_Amara, Saturday, February 18 2006

Yep, Im starting on my first walkthough. Im making a pokemon emerald walkthrough (while reenjoying it as well)I can make screenshots for it too, thats it.

~Teh Claw
Posted by endamaster, Sunday, February 12 2006

Shoutout and update
OK. A shoutout to all affiliates: If you are linking to http://www.pokepeninsula.tk/ PLEASE change your link to http://pokemon.ryux.net/, as the .tk has gone fugly, has ads and stuffs up stats-ness. ^_^ *wants a tld now x_x* kthxbai~ Oh yes. An update. Pokémon mini pages. kthxbai for real now~!

Oh. And a reminder to visitors that I'm a girl. :D
Posted by Jedi_Amara, Friday, February 10 2006

My eyes burn.
Wow. It's amazing. JA updated. x_x TPP was getting really out of date, so I figured I'd better do something with it. I'm currently updating a number of the older pages and uploading some more fanfics, as well as a couple of new games pages. I'll be updating more over the next couple of weeks, methinks. x_x
Posted by Jedi_Amara, Tuesday, January 31 2006

Yes, I'll admit I've been neglecting TPP, so here are my news posts copied over from PN.


The Torouze Mini-Site is up! Check it out at http://www.pokemon.co.jp/game/ds/trose.html. It seems to have some information, a few screenshots and a pic of the Pokémon face icons (which are very cute).


At this weekend's TCG World Championships in San Diego, TCG creators and artists will be on hand to sign stuff. You're only allowed to have one thing signed by each person, though. The people in question will be available in the Grand Foyer of the Convention Center at the following times:

Sunday 21 August
10:30-11:30am Ken Sugimori and Hironobu Yoshida (card artists)
2:30-3:30pm Tzunekaz Ishihara and Takumi Akabane (game co-creators)

And the address of the convention, if you haven't realised already, is

500 Hotel Circle North
San Diego, California 92108 (hang on, San Diego is in California?)
United States

Head over if you're in the area...

Source: Pokémon.com
Posted by Jedi_Amara, Wednesday, August 17 2005

Posted by JKaizer, Thursday, August 11 2005

Season 3 Repeats
Cheez TV in Australia finished showing Advanced Challenge (Season 7 dub) on Monday, and thence as of yesterday began repeats of Season 3 (the end of Orange League, followed by Johto Journeys).

We interrupt this news bulletin for JA to make fun of Americans who haven't seen all of AC yet: HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! We finished it FIRST! SUCK ON THAT! o_O

Riiight. Now, back to the news. A brief note as to the state of screenings in Australia: free-to-air TV picks up Pokémon first and will typically show 3 to 5 new episodes each week; this is why, although we tend to get the series several months after the US, we usually finish first. Due to relatively low penetration of pay TV, the show runs behind free-to-air on cable.

Cheez TV is currently screening Pokémon every weekday at 8am, on Channel 10. Check your TV guides for deviations from the normal schedule.
Posted by Jedi_Amara, Wednesday, August 3 2005

We need your help!
As you may have seen from my last post, we're out of space. We need your help to get more. If you scroll down, in the right sidebar you'll see some Google ads under "Support Us". By clicking on the ads once a day, you'll help generate money that we can use to upgrade. If you like TPP and don't want it to close down (as we may have to if we can't get more space), please click once a day.
Posted by Jedi_Amara, Thursday, July 28 2005

Yes, I have the new computer. No, I still can't update. Why? Two reasons.

1. My modem is broken. It drops out every ten minutes.
2. I'm out of webspace.

The webspace problem will be solved when I get more soon. The modem problem may take longer. According to my mum, it's my fault. >_>
Posted by Jedi_Amara, Monday, July 25 2005

I'll be unable to update for at least a week because my hard disk died yesterday, I have to:

1) Order a new computer.
2) Ship the new computer.
3) Install OS and configure new computer.
4) Install programs.
5) Get way to retrieve data from old disk.
6) Copy data from old disk to new one.
7) Then I can update.

Sorry about that ^^;

~JA out.
Posted by Jedi_Amara, Sunday, June 26 2005

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