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The Pokémon Peninsula - Special Thanks

The Pokémon Peninsula > Special Thanks

Special thanks has to go to the following people. TPP wouldn't be the same without them; it might not even be here!

  • JKaizer aka Esmerelda-Greggyina (XD) aka Greggyboo aka GERG, a friend from the Pokémon Community: when people complained about the ads on Netfirms, not only did he offer to host TPP, he also offered to host Patamon's World as well! On his own personal hosting account! Then, even though he had a site that needed a domain and he couldn't upload it because he couldn't afford the domain at that stage, he bought the RyuX Network its own domain. Not to mention helped along every step of the way in installing everything, helping us move to the new server, hosting the forum, being an ex-admin etc. And buying the forum its own domain too. And giving us hosting again. Thanks Gweggy, you're a legend. XD
  • Shawn, for giving the whole RyuX Network free hosting on his server, even if it was down for months at a time XD
  • All the people who volunteered (or were conscripted and didn't complain) as staff for TPP - you guys make my job so much easier, and you really help TPP to grow.
  • The great RM2K community at PC who let me put up their resources in TPP's RM2K section, especially Daegon_Kimeron.
  • Austin (an ex-pair), Scott (another ex-pair), Jordan, Andy, Anna, Gareth, Victor, Soph, Niko (another ex-pair!), Cassie, Shome, Anthony, Eli, Luke and all the rest of my friends at the Pokémon Community and Patamon's World - thanks for proving that it's still worth the time to make a Pokémon site, and maintain it ^^. Oh, and wth, let's just thank the rest of my ex-pairs, whether I dumped them or they dumped me. In order: Austin, Scott, HIM, Niko, Jorge, Alex (like, 3 times), Spiro. And another hand for my current pair, Greggy XD.
  • Simone -  I wish you hadn't closed PWC, but thanks just for being a good friend and for being the first one to believe in TPP.
  • Um... props. Sorry. I just had to say that XD
  • And GC pwnz j00~. Another thing I had to say.
  • I promise this is the last thing! I pwn Joel Madden. DUMP HILARY NOW!
  • OK, I lied. I pwn Brandon Flowers too :P 'Cept now he's married. :(
  • And I lied again. SILVERSTEIN IS THE WORLD'S CUTEST BAND! OK, enough.

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