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The Pokémon Peninsula - Trivia and Weird Facts

The Pokémon Peninsula > Trivia and Weird Facts

My brain always seems to be full of inane and useless Pokéfacts, so I figured I might as well put them down here. If you have more (since they all sit in the back of my brain until I dredge them up), just send them in! XD

  • Poliwag's swirl goes anticlockwise, but when it evolves into Poliwhirl the swirl changes direction!
  • All the Professors are named after trees or plants - Oak, Elm, Ivy, Birch...
  • Charmander and its evolutions will die if the flames on the end of their tails go out, so be careful when you're giving your little Charchar a bath XD.
  • Hitmonlee and Hitmonchan are named after famous martial-arts movie stars, Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan.
  • Chikorita can check humidity and temperature of the air using the leaf on its head.
  • Hoothoot has a perfect sense of time, so it'd make a good drummer in a Pokémon rock band! Although it might be hard to handle drumsticks with wings.
  • Noctowl can rotate its head all the way around! By rotating 180 degrees, it gets smarter.
  • Girafarig's tail has its own brain. o_O I guess that's what you'd call a split personality. Since it uses smell to detect intruders, sometimes it bites itself in the dark! You'd think it would recognise its own smell.
  • Quagsire bumps its head a lot when it swims, but being the relaxed Pokémon it is it doesn't really mind.
  • You can be hypnotised just by staring at Stantler's antlers.
  • Mareep and Flaaffy store electricity in their fleece, so if you touch them you'll probably be quite shocked!
  • Bellossom's dance is a ritual to summon the sun. I wonder if the sun would stop shining if you stopped every Bellossom dancing.
  • The ball on the end of Marill's tail floats because it contains oil that is lighter than water, so it's like a buoy.
  • The strongest Pokémon attack of all (according to the TV show, anyway) is Heracross's Metal Horn.

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